Hurricane Matthew – POWER RESTORED!

Over on the Northside in Oceanway neighborhood, power came back up about 20 minutes ago. Cell phone service has and is still very very spotty. The rain is mostly done, but still experiencing pretty good gusts of wind.

At the beaches, the bridges over the intercoastal are closed and will remain closed until they can be inspected in the morning. Some local news crews are out and about and there is sporadic damage west of 3rd street, but mostly looks okay. East of 3rd street to the beach is where the storm surge flooded as you can see in the pictures I posted earlier.

Just reported: Sunrise Surf Shop significantly damaged. It is located on Beach Blvd near Penman Road.

Early reports is that damage east of 3rd street is sporadic also. There is some flooding in certain areas. Once it gets light, I’m sure we will get more details.

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