DMV Hell

Joy of joys, I get to spend the next hour or so at the DMV! Must be ladies day here as 95% here are women. Before you ask, no they aren’t that good looking either.

It’s been open for 2 1/2 hours already and they are only up to number 18. Sheesh, we have number 38.

Even better, they have a TV. Not so good is that it is set up near the ceiling so after a while my neck is starting to ache. No sound, just captions. As a bonus, they have on a Peanuts cartoon.

Wouldn’t matter if the sound was on anyways, there are not one but two crying kids. One on each side of the waiting room, so we are treated to DMV stereo hell of crying kids.

They have just called number 19 for the fifth time. No one is moving. DMV ladies are being slow as usual.

Nice, people are getting tired of waiting and are leaving. Maybe the DMV ladies aren’t so stupid after all?

Oh well, it’s going to be a long day. If I survive this house of horrors with some of my sanity intact I will consider myself lucky.

One thought on “DMV Hell

  1. I’ve been lucky. The DMV just north of here is seldom crowded, because it’s out of the wayfor most people. On top of that, the two people at the windows that I have seen are both prior military, one a Marine. I’ve never had to wait more than 20 mins 🙂

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