Sunday Morning Mishmash

Almost a week since I last made a post. Don’t know why, but after a trip like I had last week, it’s been a mental drain. Just haven’t had the motivation. Hopefully, I’m past that funk now.

Over at Legends Undying  they have carefully reviewed the entries and made their decisions. Nope, I didn’t win anything, not even a damn honorable mention. That’s okay though, I entered on a whim, wrote the story in less than an hour and spent maybe five minutes revising and editing. I hate the revising and editing part. Plus, I didn’t pay too much attention to the categories and just wrote what came to me.

Much to my surprise, Jess over at Scratching to Escape did a last minute entry and managed to win Most Magical! Congrats Jess! If you haven’t bookmarked his site, then you should. He is a great writer and has some amazing stories.

Daytona 500 today! Danica Patrick has the pole position. I watched her yesterday during the Nationwide race. Her car pooped out about lap 30, but she handled the car pretty well. At least she didn’t crash this time.

Prayers go out to the fans who got injured yesterday in a horrific crash involving Kyle Larson.

Tonight the Oscar’s are being awarded. I took a look at the nominees and I’m not too impressed. I haven’t even watched any of the movies being nominated. Wow, just thought about it, I haven’t paid any attention to the Oscar’s for at least 10 years.

Protests continue in Egypt. Seems like they have been protesting for over a year now. Don’t recommend taking a trip there anything soon.

Smitty at The Other McCain sums up Obamacare perfectly in two short sentences.

Progress means that the tools who stand for election are passing an outline, and un-elected officials are doing the heavy lifting. To say that this urinates all over the spirit of the Constitution is, I think, a reasonable assertion.

Got guns and ammo? Well, seems like police in some states are going to have a hard time buying guns and ammo now. The backlash of the attempt by states to take away 2nd amendment rights has gun manufacturers and ammo manufacturers refusing to sell to law enforcement agencies in those states. Good for them for standing up for principle!

Just remember, if it’s not on Sunday morning mishmash, then who the hell cares?


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