Sunday Morning Mishmash

CNN anchor Deb Feyerick has completely gone loony tunes. Thinks that an approaching asteroid caused the recent snowstorm in the Northeast.

Speaking of deranged, the media seems to be obsessed whether Obama will talk about Global Warming during the State of the Union address.

A week an a half ago, one of the brightest stars of the Republican Party sent a letter to folks up in Chicago. Senator Ted Cruz is making waves early in his Senatorial career. If you haven’t seen it, then go NOW!

Sweden, the bastion of liberal idiocy has a National Food Police. Wait….What? Oh wait, they have a National Food Agency that is directing the police to investigate horsemeat being sold as beef. Damn glad my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother left Sweden over a hundred years ago.

AOL shares climb after first sales growth in eight years. AOL? Thought they were long gone years ago. Who uses dial-up anymore?

Must have coffee. I love coffee, I drink it all day long. But after seeing this report on coffee enemas, I’m having second thoughts on coffee.

The Other McCain has a roundup of teenage sex in the news. We’re talking under 18 teenage sex here.

Blizzard Nemo (when the hell did we start naming blizzards?) has dumped it’s load on the Northeast, but wait! A new storm is brewing in the Plains and heading to the Northeast. What the hell will they call this storm? Geronimo? Cochise? Katherine Sebilus?


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