Absolutely hilarious!

Crows Dream

GregorFranklin, thanks for writing to my Head Wrap Advice Column! I see this is your first letter, so I want to give you a special welcome.

You’re raising an interesting, perplexing question. As you probably know from reading my column, I rely on doing good research to be sure my answers are useful. In your case, the research was not too difficult. There are many institutional records that specifically apply to this phenomenon. Perhaps yours is among them.

I’ve been able to whittle the problem down to three possible answers.

Yes, your dog is an alien. These creatures don’t speak our language, regardless of which language we speak. Think about this for a moment. Dogs are ubiquitous. They are found world-wide. However, anywhere you choose to go, the animal cannot speak your language. This doesn’t mean they don’t understand your language. Extensive research and practical experience indicates that dogs do…

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