End of Time?

NMAI-Mayan-CalendarThis could be it for us as time relentlessly counts down to the end of the Long Count of the Mayan Calendar. For a nifty graphic of the countdown, go here. Tonight at 2:12 a.m. EST the clock ends. Coincidentally that is 12/21/12 12:12 MST. (Mountain Standard Time or Mayan Standard Time?) Lotta damn twelves if you ask me. Could it be a coincidence?

I for one, will probably getting home from work about that time. Not looking forward to even going to work, but there is a silver lining. I’ll be working outside a portion of my time at work. So I may get a chance to take a breather and look up at the sky and see quite a few planets at the same time. In fact, I may be able to see SEVEN Planets! Check out these nifty graphics for viewing the night sky tonight.

Speaking of work, during a break last night, I was perusing the local newspaper (very small and very overpriced), when I ran across a photo of a mother and son. The caption had the name of the kid as “Jikyulshan”. First of all, how the hell do you even pronounce that name. Second, who the hell would name their kid that ridiculous name. Then I noticed it had the mother’s name as Aushanulan. Go figure.

Meanwhile, back to today’s topic, the end of time as we know it. Personally, I think we will all be here tomorrow and most people will think this was just another busted Doomsday vision. Hell, even the remaining Mayans believe that we will all continue after tonight. My prediction is that there will be a change, but most people won’t notice it at all. A few, a very few will have their brains rewired from an invisible cosmic pulse. These people will develop ESP. Some will be able to read minds, some will move crap with their minds, some may even be able to see into the future. One in a billion people, which means about 6 or 7 will hit the jackpot and become immortal.

Hey, it may be a long-shot, but what the hell, even long-shots come in sometimes. Though the thought of Michelle Obama becoming immortal is about as frightening as they come.big booty

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