Linky Love

So soon? Yet another Linky Love post? You betcha, because people are following this blog left and right. I don’t know exactly why they do, but I appreciate it greatly. So here are links to some great content by my followers.

Chris Martin Writes about how everyone has a great story, this one is fantastic.

Conservative Hillbilly asks why certain things on cars never break. I wonder why also.

Proficiency Paradigms has fun ways to answer where you are from.

Bridgesburning on favorite seasonal films. I got to admit, most of the ones he writes about I like too.

Remember, only two more shopping days until the Mayan Apocalypse.  Plan now for your Doomsday Party.

Now for the bonus Linky Love as this may be the last one ever.

DaddyBear’s Den has some thoughts of the day.

Stayed tuned for more fun and exciting Linky Love in the future. (Assuming I get more followers and also assuming we don’t all die 2 days from now)

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