Linky Love

Once again another exciting episode of linky love where I link to those that follow this blog.

Jasmine Kyle says Christmas is almost Here! So let’s talk about tree-houses …… wait….. what? This you have got to see.

Fueled Rants has finally figured out that Gay Marriage makes sense now. OMG!

Vincent Derus’s Blog has some eye-opening facts on child soldiers.

thejournalfiles  has great memories and pics of growing up in South Boston. Also, she has not one but two books she is writing and posting on her blog.

“Greatest Generation” Life Lessons has what was and will always be a parent’s lament.

Unbound Boxes Limping Gods has the latest in her serial disconnected stories. Great original artwork too.

Bonus Linky Love

Christopher De Voss has lost his sense of humor so he says. Reading this post, I think it is just hiding in the corner taking pot shots at him.

That’s it for this episode, stayed tuned for more episodes of Linky Love soon (at least as soon as I get more followers)

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