TIME Person of the Year – Sandra Fluke?

Yep, it’s that time of the year again and TIME magazine is conducting a poll. Not surprisingly Sandra Fluke (aka Slut, Freeloader, Perpetual College Student) is in the running. This is the year of the “Gimme Free Stuff!”.

The Camp of The Saints (who deserves a hat tip) brought me this story and is all for Sandra Fluke. Not because she is special, but just to make mockery of the TIME magazine Person of the Year.

I don’t know, looking at the other nominees, it is pretty obvious to me that if you aren’t liberal, or a thug or an illegal, you won’t be getting this award. Sure, they have Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and Chris Christie on the poll, sort of like sacrificial lambs. But leading the list right now is Mohamed Morsey(sic) and Kim Jong Un. One a wannabe dictator and the other the dictator of the most repressive government in the world. Not to mention coming in fourth right now is Bashar Assad. Coming in sixth right behind Psy is the favorite of all wacko leftys, Barack Obama.

Of course it helps to be an entertainer to make the list too, like Jon Stewart, Psy and Pussy Riot. (Okay, I think I’ll vote for Pussy Riot just to see that name on the cover).

They are showing the current votes in the poll results page, go check it out. I’ll be watching closely to see who is moving up and who is moving down in the list. Meanwhile, tell me who you are voting for and why in the comments section.

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