Mystery Sunday

Spent a good portion of the day taking down tin siding of an old storage shed that is falling down. The roof sags something terrible and I’m afraid to go in and clean out the shed. Don’t want the roof to cave in on me. That happened a few years ago down to the street to two guys and it ended up killing them. So I’m a bit paranoid about that.

After I got the siding down, I could see into the shed from all directions and reach in for a few things that are within arm’s reach. Found some nifty old-time bottles that the wife is cleaning up now. I also found what looks to be an old-time burner, but I’m not sure. Here’s a couple of pics from each side. Maybe one of you will recognize it.

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Wildflowers Galore!

I was doing some work out in the field and noticed that after our recent rains, the wildflowers have bloomed all over. So I took a little time and snapped a few photo’s of them. Before you ask, I have no earthly idea what the name of each one of these are, they just look pretty cool. Yes, they are all technically weeds, but for a short time they look great. Warning! Lots of pictures below.

01e70b7c9ec1bd86e6564d7501a50a16a744939e81This one is the most numerous in a lot of spots.

014719b2ddb807adcb956ac1fdd11ee6e7eb9b2a41Ugly looking stalks, but a beautiful bunch of white flowers012bd5c392fbe74a606d0b2b46c071e5b30ee12763Then we transition with white outer petals and inner yellow pods.0153ff221fc1e58906ccc4b16cfcc043ae9a5060feThese are just starting to bloom everywhere with a few already bloomed




0121cf19ef99ab2780dcd093faf738f45f754a1cdfDelicate small flowers. The next pic I took from farther away.010c905ffa859429ef4695dfc9ad3beed9b1f4fe7f


01bbea21c4a8ef51c0425d593d8a4c687daed1d6fdThe yellow flower on the right is the first bloomer of this type. Growing right in the middle of the plant is one of those ones where when you blow on it the petals float off into the sky.01b0488b2f38fba69dfdf264db0c2cfbf99396e504The picture above is a wide angle of the red and orange flowers. While taking these pictures, I finally found my geese’s nest.01f002fcce8ac45becc5a99893be7a17c8f51be42cAs I don’t know which ones are fresh or not, I threw out all but two eggs and marked those two.01e544825742e5b1200a52c6232187639c52e488e1Now that I know where she hid her nest, I can go by everyday and get a fresh goose egg. They are huge compared to chicken eggs. About the equivalent of 3 chicken eggs.013515beda55e6dde6ea714c207706a6617d57984b019c6fba91f1ad6ecbe51d801612673b2b66a885baThe last two I took zoomed in on my iPhone, so they aren’t that crisp.


The Abode is Up For Sale!

Yes, you read that right, I’m selling the Abode. No, not this blog, you silly thing. Who in their right mind would want to buy a blog that gets very few visitors?

Nope, I’m selling the house I live in. Why, you ask? Couple of reasons actually, well… maybe more than a couple but here are the highlights:

  • Got my pink slip from my job. I’ll be out of work at the end of July. (no, it wasn’t a surprise, so no biggie)
  • Mrs. Aewl and I originally came here for four years with plans to move back to Florida. (it’s been eleven!!!)
  • It’s a lot of work for someone who is getting to be a bit old.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, a younger couple that we know came and looked at the property and since we like them quite a lot, we gave them a discounted price on the place. How much of a discount you ask? Before I get to that, let me fill you in on a few things. The property has four houses, a mobile home, a barn, 10 acres of field, an irrigation well with water rights, and is a total of 15 acres. You might be asking yourself, just how much is that worth, but let me tell you a little secret about property.


If the property was located in California, and I’ve seen all those flipping shows where they buy an 800 sq/ft house for $200,000, throw some paint on it, replace a few things, add some lights and throw down sod grass that will die in a month because California is running out of water. Then they turn around and sell it for $450,000. So if by some miracle, this property was located in California (and I’m glad it’s not as they have a lot of batshit crazy people there, including my brother, but more on that later), I could probably get 2 to 3 million for this place.

Heck, if this property was located 10 miles north of where it was, I could get an extra $200,000 for it. Anyways, we estimate conservatively that it’s worth about $300,000 to $350,000. That’s only if we spent about $20,000 in improvements.

So the offer we gave to the young couple is $270,000 on the condition that it is “AS IS” and that the closing date won’t be until the end of August. Heck of a deal if I say so myself. We decided on that figure because we wanted to clear at least $100,000 on it. No, we don’t owe anything on the house, but we do have about $40,000 worth of notes payable’s on it. Oh yeah, the property is half owned by my brother who lives in California. So half of the profit from it goes to him.

A quick digression here about my brother. It took quite a few decades, but we have both agreed that it’s okay to visit for about a week with each other. Any more past that and we both just want to kill the other.

I called my brother a week ago and told him about the offer. Stating that we came up with the $100,000 figure because that’s what he said last year he wanted. Sure we could get more, but I’m not greedy and selling it “AS IS” is a whole lot easier. He then claims that he didn’t say he wanted $100,000. He claims that we said we would only sell it if we got $150,000. SONOFABITCH! Mrs. Aewl and I got the sneaking suspicion that he will kill any deal just because he doesn’t want to sell. Meanwhile, we toil away at all the work that HAS to be done every year and he just sits over in California and enjoys sitting on a potential nest egg.

Two can play at this game. IF he kills the deal, then we’ll give him two choices. Buy us out a current market rate and we will then move to Florida and he can manage the property. Or, we move to Florida and take out a mortgage on the property in order to buy a house in Florida and he can manage the property. Either way, we are going to Florida. I highly doubt that he would ever move from his beloved California back here to New Mexico, so how the heck he would be able to manage the property is beyond me.

The young couple went to the bank for a pre-approval yesterday. We should know in a few days if they got it, but they are pretty confident. The young man fell absolutely in love with the property when we showed it to them and the young woman really liked the idea of having rent houses pay the mortgage.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that they do end up being able to buy us out and also that my brother doesn’t kill the deal.

Why Aewl?

I’ve used the nickname Aewl since about 1990. Yes, back in the dark old days of no internet and few computers. A time where one had to know things without looking them up on Google. Instead, if you really needed to know something, you cracked open an encyclopedia. Instead of seeing images on a computer screen, you had to imagine them.

This morning, while looking a my usual round of blogs, I happened upon one from Knuckledraggin My Life Away that inspired me to once again ride to the fore and write one of my very infrequent posts for the few, the very few that still visit this poor misbegotten site. The post is just a simple picture post with an inspired title. Let’s see if I can somewhat recreate it here.

Albino Eithiopians?


Pretty damn sick photo if you ask me. So what’s this got to do with my nickname? Back in 1990 or so, a fellow co-worker who was pretty stout and did a bunch of weightlifting tagged me with Aewl one day. He pronounced it Ay-wul. It took a few days, but he finally told me what it meant. Albino Ethiopian Weight Lifter. AEWL.

Yes, I pretty much looked like one of those dudes in the picture above. So now, whenever you hear my name, or see it in print, the above image will forever be stuck in your head.

You are WELCOME!


Buhahahhahahahahahahahaha …. gasp ….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Knock, Knock



Anyone home?

Yeah, still kicking, but not writing much. It’s been over two months since I’ve written anything at all. So if you are still following this blog, then either you are extremely dedicated or extremely lazy.

So many things have been happening, too much to talk about unless I feel like sitting here for hours and hours. Also, it would probably bore ya’ll to tears. Just a couple of updates before I go away once again.

Seems I’ve was linked to The Watcher’s Council last month and just now got a ping-back. The article I had written was done in November of 2013. So my mind is officially blown.

Today I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Big Brown Truck (UPS). Got a brand new computer coming from CybertronPC. I ordered it through Amazon. Considering my PC is about 12 years old, this is a huge upgrade for me.


Lately, I’ve also found a new pasttime that I can do with Mrs. Aewl. It’s called Geocaching. What’s that you ask? This simple short video explains it pretty well.

Have a Merry Christmas!

What Keeps Me Up At Night

Saw an article over at The today about how Cosplay is an indication of just how bad our economy is going. The author made some good observations about how the younger folks in the U.S. are increasingly staying at home with parents into their late 20’s and early 30’s. He compares it with the way the Japanese society has evolved since their big crash in the 90’s. oh-boy

After all, it’s not that these young adults in Japan are resisting becoming productive members of the economy — it’s that there just aren’t enough opportunities for them. So an increasingly large number of them spend an increasingly large amount of time living in make-believe fantasy worlds, pretending they are someone else, somewhere else.

Since our crash in late 2007, our economy has averaged a meager 1% growth, which is putting us in the same basket as the Japanese have been in for over 20 years. So far, the Japanese have not been able to solve this problem.

Then I read another article on The which may solve this problem but at the same time absolutely horrifies me.time-for-some-turnover


The author proposes that all officers be mandatory retired at the age of 50. Never mind the age discrimination laws that we have on the books, he is adamant that old generals and admirals are the reason for all our failures since Afghanistan. Following the same simple formula as the last author, he compares the ages of Napoleon’s generals with ours.

Naturally, I was aghast at the author’s reasoning. Looking at the comments, I see that I wasn’t alone.

This is a ridiculous stretch of imagination. Macaurthur was well over 50. Stillwell was well past 50. Schwarzkopf was over 50. Eisenhower was over 50. Patton was over 50. Bradley was over 50 by the time the war ended. Of course there have been obviously good generals who were under 50. But the education in military sciences that generals attain by the age of 50 is not to be lightly dismissed. During war, the cream rises to the top, generally being discarded by the politicians after hostilities cease.

I couldn’t have said better myself. Then there is this:

This guy’s articles should come with a warning: “Caution! Insufficient thought put into the following article. Provocative horseshit.”

Or this:

… that most of our military mis-adventures since WW II have been the result of politics vice military acumen. Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq were not shining successes because we turned war battles into occupation, before the enemy was vanquished. In most of those, we should never even had been involved.

But then my twisted and meandering mind started to make connections between the two articles. Since 1993, the military has been subjected to social engineering projects. Oh hell, it’s probably been going on for a lot longer than that. Yep, just remembered that the Navy didn’t let African-Americans be anything but cooks until WWII. But I digress, by my personal experience in the military, it all started with Bill Clinton and the infamous “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

My point is that politicians will try a social experiment on the military first that most likely wouldn’t go over too well with the general populace. Why the military? Mostly because they can as soldiers and sailors have to follow orders. These social experiments usually don’t go over too well in the military, but eventually, people either get out or they adjust to them. Five, ten, or fifteen years later, it seems that what was a social experiment in the military is now an established fact for the general populace. Of course, I’m generalizing quite a bit, but stay with me for a moment.

Suppose that some damn politician figures that it is a good thing to retire Officers at the age of 50 and figure out a way to get past the age-discrimination ban. You have young men and women with more opportunities at a young age without old fogies clogging up the promotion pipeline. Yes, there will be massive upheavals in the military, but as time goes on, it will become accepted.

Then ten or twenty years later, they go from just retiring officers at 50 to retiring everyone else also. Gee-whiz bang! Unemployment for twenty year olds will fall through the basement. Being the cynic I am, I fully expect some policy maker in Washington D.C. trying to explore doing just this.

But ….

But ….

But ….

Let’s say they did do this and used the military for a test-case first. By the time it moved on to the general populace, all those twenty and thirty year olds will now be pretty damn close to 50 if not over. So it ain’t going to help the younger folk we have now at all. Not to mention the drag on the economy we would have with many millions more now having to be retired and sitting at home. The young folk would be taxed an arm and a leg and most of their other appendages as well.

And now you know why both of those articles absolute horrify me. Not to mention that I have a twisted mind that keeps me up at night.