Hurricane Matthew – POWER RESTORED!

Over on the Northside in Oceanway neighborhood, power came back up about 20 minutes ago. Cell phone service has and is still very very spotty. The rain is mostly done, but still experiencing pretty good gusts of wind.

At the beaches, the bridges over the intercoastal are closed and will remain closed until they can be inspected in the morning. Some local news crews are out and about and there is sporadic damage west of 3rd street, but mostly looks okay. East of 3rd street to the beach is where the storm surge flooded as you can see in the pictures I posted earlier.

Just reported: Sunrise Surf Shop significantly damaged. It is located on Beach Blvd near Penman Road.

Early reports is that damage east of 3rd street is sporadic also. There is some flooding in certain areas. Once it gets light, I’m sure we will get more details.

Hurricane Matthew Closest Approach 

The eye is directly east of Jacksonville. As far as the Abode here, no real change. 

However, Jacksonville Beach is flooded. 

My daughter lives more inland than the Beach, about 12 blocks west and here is a view from her front door. 

Here’s a pic from my front door. The rain is continuing and not expected to let up for a few more hours. 

Peace out. 

Hurricane Matthew-Lost Power

The lights flickered at 1:00 pm, then went out for good at 2:03 pm. 

Probably won’t have power until late Saturday or Sunday. 

It’s been raining pretty hard for the last hour and expected to keep raining hard for the next 6 hours. 

No flooding on the Northside of Jacksonville. My daughter in Jacksonville Beach lost power at 1:00 pm, and she reports no flooding in her area. 

The eye of the hurricane is east of St. Augustine right now. That’s about 30 miles south of Jacksonville Beach. 

Wind gusts are increasing, but still not too bad. I estimate about 40 to 50 mph. 

So far, 1 killed in Florida. Hopefully that will be all that lose their life. 

I’ll do my next update after the hurricane passes unless something noteworthy happens. 

Peace out!

Hurricane Matthew Friday Morning Update

Woke up at 5:00 am. We are in the outer bands of Hurricane Matthew right now. Still Light Rain, but looking at the radar we should be getting heavier rains within the hour.

The wind is starting to pick up with gusts every 10-20 seconds. So far no reports of widespread electrical outages. One report of an electrical outage in Atlantic Beach affecting approximately 18 homes and one in  the San Marco area affecting approximately 11 homes.

For those of you following this live blogging, you can go HERE to see reported outages.

Right before I went to bed last night, saw a news report that only 30% of residents in Jacksonville beach evacuated. This pretty much jibes with what my daughter was saying to me yesterday.

Sunrise is at 7:23 am Low tide is at 6:29 am and High tide is at 1:03 pm for Jacksonville.

Currently Hurricane Matthew is at 120 mph with gusts to 150 mph. It is weakening slightly and expected to continue to weaken as the day goes on.

As soon as it get light outside, I’ll take some pictures and post them.

Liveblogging Hurricane Matthew from Jacksonville, FL (LAST UPDATE TONIGHT)

Currently at the Abode, the winds are not bad. Call it a light breeze. The light rain that has been going on for the last two days has stopped. It actually feels nice outside with a temp of about 75 degrees.

At the Beach, my Daughter reports light rain that is still continuing with a slight pickup in wind. News reports some flooding of the streets in Jacksonville Beach. Mostly because of the ongoing rain.

Both of us are going to be going to bed early tonight as all the excitement is supposed to happen early tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned, next update will be in the morning and with pictures! I plan on taking a few pictures of the nearby creek throughout the day to record the storm surge. That is if the wind doesn’t get too bad and blow me away!

Am I a Storm Magnet?

I moved from Florida in 2004 to New Mexico right after the Hurricane Floyd debacle. I say that, because the evacuation was a complete clusterf*ck.

While in New Mexico, got hit by almost yearly hail storms that caused damage. Nothing like getting a new roof every 3 years. Dodged tornado’s and during the months of April and May every year withstood winds of 50-70 mph.

Last Christmas, got caught in a blizzard that shut down the entire state. I had to go out in the height of the storm at 2 am to direct an electrical company truck into my back yard to secure a powerline that had been broken by a tree falling on it. Couldn’t see more than 10 feet.

Now that I’ve moved back to Florida, I’m faced with Hurricane Matthew.

Damn storms are following me!