OCD and Me

At work, when someone notes that I’m a bit OCD, I always joke that I’m CDO. When they ask what that is, I reply, “CDO is OCD in alphabetical order.”

Thankfully, I’m not OCD, but I do show tendencies of it at times, especially at work. I used to call it “paying attention to detail”, which got me far in my career and to a certain extant still does. Today though, it bit me square on the ass, gnawed a bit and took a chunk out of it.

I had an unloading plan for the 40′ containers and naturally one of the guys screwed it up. Turns out it was the bosses fault entirely. I was a bit pissed and said a few choice swear words under my breath and figured out how to deal with this calamity. At that point, I got really mad! Not at my boss or co-worker, but at my own dumb self. In the long scheme of things, it really didn’t matter what order we unloaded the containers, but damn it, I made the plan and nobody was following the damn plan! So now I’m mad at myself for showing my OCD tendencies. So damn mad, I couldn’t even think of eating lunch with anyone.

In an instant, I became an ASB (anti-social bastard) and turned up the heat in my motor and started arranging things and counting bolts and sorting o-rings not only by size but by class of o-rings. Not to mention counting 4000 rivets and finding out the company shipped us 404 extra rivets. Sheesh, the inhumanity!!!

After work, I came home and confessed to my wife that the day had not gone to plan and I had let my rigidness overcome me.  Thankfully, in her own special way, she got me feeling less bad about the day by talking me through it.

Just having a little bit of OCD tendencies really sucks. I can’t hardly imagine living with full-blown OCD.a1-grumpy-cat