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For today’s post, I want to veer off in a little different direction. This post is all about Special People. For many years, Mrs. Aewl has been volunteering at Special People every Monday night. Even during the busy tax season, she takes time off to go on Monday Nights.

So what is Special People?

There are many people that become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Sometimes they hit rock bottom and find the courage to do something about their addiction. Some succeed, some don’t. But Special People isn’t about them. It’s about the children of alcoholics and drug addicts. They didn’t choose to have parents that are deep into their own addiction. For the most part, they are neglected, starved for attention and even physically and emotionally abused by their parents. As a consequence, a good majority of the kids wind up with severe problems of just coping with life. They are more prone to abuse alcohol and drugs when they grow up.

Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) realized this and started Special People many years ago.

Special People is a chemical dependency prevention program for children between the ages of 5 and 12. These children have had or still have someone in their family abusing drugs and/or alcohol. Children are affected by drug and/or alcohol abuse in their family, but are normally left out of the recovery process. That is why we started Special People in PDAP.


The meetings are a safe place for them to share their thoughts and feelings, and support each other. Games and exercises are used to make learning fun and interesting.
Each child faced with the decision to use/not use mind-changing chemicals, must make that decision alone, generally under pressure from peers. Our only hope is to prepare them to choose wisely – in favor of themselves.

After a certain amount of meetings, each child is given a wooden butterfly that they can paint, decorate or do whatever they want with it. It is a symbol of a rebirth.

I’m so proud of Mrs. Aewl and the unselfish giving of her time to Special People each and every week.  To me, and to countless children, she is very special and I’m a super lucky guy to have her in my life.

To my beautiful bride, I love you!

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Great to look at, great to hope that the rainbow ends at your house with a big pot of gold.  A rainbow is a beautiful thing. What’s really special and beautiful is to hear “Somewhere over the Rainbow” sung by a 600 lb Hawaiian guy playing a ukulele. This is one youtube clip you don’t want to pass up.


 Israel Ka’ano’i Kamakawiwo’ole had an outstanding voice for a big guy. He will be missed greatly.

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Shhh, don’t be so noisy. Can’t you walk any softer than that? You are breathing too loud. download

I almost stopped and posted without writing any more, but you know me, a loud-mouth opinionated bastard. So I’ve got to throw in my two cents on being quiet. For a long time in the Abode, it wasn’t very quiet at all. But slowly, one by one, the kids grew up and moved out. Now it’s just me, Mrs. Aewl, four dogs, two cats, and 3 geese. The dogs have mostly learned to not bark while in the house. Outside they can bark to their heart’s content. The geese are far enough from the house, we don’t hardly hear them. The cats, well you know cats, very quiet.

I’m usually an early riser, so while Mrs. Aewl get’s her beauty sleep, I get to enjoy peace and quiet every morning. This is a time for me to slow down just a bit, recharge and get ready for my day. A nice hot cup of coffee, a little light reading of my favorite sites and then I’m ready to go.

In the summertime, I get to greet the sunrise on my porch and just listen to the birds warbling, singing and clicking away. No matter what is going on in my life at that time, I can let it all just drift away even if for a few short moments.

I wish this was my front porch.

I wish this was my front porch.

I’m a firm believer that we all need at least a small part of each day to just sit back, enjoy the quiet and reflect on what must be done.

When do you get your quiet time?

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The Pig Trap

Saw a link to this story over at The Feral Irishman. He pasted one of the comments from the story on his site.

I’m going to do the same but with a different comment.

The Pig Trap is rather long, but no matter if you are Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal or something in between, you really should take the time to read the entire post. I would excerpt it, but the post is just too damn good to risk taking things out of context. Click the link below to read it.


One of the people commenting on the article really stuck out.

I was unfortunate enough to be working in New Orleans just before Katrina. I remember watching the news late at night when it changed course and instead of heading North aimed right at us. The feeling of inevitability, disbelief and fear all mixed together in my little room. I feel the same way these days about a second Civil War. It is coming and nothing I can do will stop that because it is huge and deadly and has a will of its own. I can sit in horror and hope it turns at the last minute, get out of the way quickly or take a stand.

I had an argument just yesterday on this same subject. I gave virtually the same argument you gave for why it is coming. The man I was talking to, a “conservative” called me a childish fool dreaming masturbatory Mad Max fantasies where I become a hero. But I am no fool or child. I am 30 years older than that man and have been up close and personal with death. He is the one who is all talk. He will not survive. I will.

I read an interview with a citizen of Sarajevo once. In the ruins of the modern city the interviewer showed the man pictures of peace protesters in America marching to demand an end to the killing in Sarajevo. The man asked what the people were doing; who they were. They were peace protesters it was explained, they are marching to stop the killing. The man looked at the picture again and said, “We used to have those here. They are all dead now.”

The horror is that most Americans have no idea what is coming.

I mourn for our future.